I don’t usually slack myself upon uploading massive number shots at once. I don’t usually just coop up in the hotel (more to a resort this time) intra of the vacation. I don’t usually go travelling without spending hours to brood over the outfits before packing. I usually do my currency exchange before leaving the homeland. This time round was a contrary. I love how each travel gives me a whole new perspective to weed the wilderness of my travel map.

• • •


hidden away

Do not be surprised seeing me lost. I spent months hidden away in my country retreat – and in fact – I am still missing. Living at the limbo between country retreat and the blog sphere I used to wandering in – that sometimes I surface myself a tad too. And here I am.

• • •


I like vacation pretty much unplanned more than plainly following the directories. Unlike the previous ones, getting air tickets, stay and cab booked at the eleventh hour, missing the closure of borders (Thai-Malaysia – I will tell you right beneath this) and so forth that I only got to savour this time.

• • •