I am not fickle in any of my temporary interests. For a period of time my Instagram feed was loaded with square-styled photos. For a period of time they were in portrait or landscape, never was square. For a period of time they were both portrait and landscape, squeezed in square.

It’s not that things were outmoded but I am a very aesthetic being. I crave for a tad mini ignition to spark.

If this statement is ever sugarcoated it would otherwise fall into place.

In substance, I did not thoroughly change the essence of it but rather make changes to – most of the time it is – the frames. I still take the same kind of shots, have same interests to certain styles that probably defines who I am.

Working as a photographer myself I had to unceasingly re-create different art directions for clients. Of course I’d try to entice people by showing the styles I be fond of. That’s the essence.

Recreating something new and retaining the spirit is key.

The key words I live by pretty much portrayed through the event I attended earlier at Hin Bus Depot, Penang. I couldn’t agree more that to think, inspire and experience IS the way of life. We are constantly challenged to think out of the box, to stand out from the norm with different inspirations and to create new experiences that worthwhile. These are exactly what I’ve experienced from CREATE event! A fun occasion that offers various activities to bring people together and walk away inspired! It is also a preview of a bigger event.

First, we were encouraged to mashtag about the inspiring sentence we created. Almost all participants were retaining the Penang spirit despite distinctive creative ways. For few instances, ‘Penang is holiao (good, best) lah’, ‘Penang is awesome with me’ and etc.

Also seen there was the Crowd-in-Motion, one of the key activities where you gotta tag 4 friends along and challenged to power up reward dynamo. This challenge clearly highlights the importance of teamwork in order to achieve something greater. Certainly one of my favorite experiences.

I especially love the CollaboArt Wall.It may look like a simple and ordinary landscape of Penang. I like the sound of individual gathering to splash on the colors they like, based on their imagination and perspective. With just a simple activity of coloring manage to challenge me to think beyond my creativity, inspiring isn’t it? The core of this piece of art is designed by Koh Yung Shen, the founder of Swagger Salon and DJ Ramsey Westwood, and the final master piece will be completed by all of us.

Still talking about recreating visual stimulation huh.

The night continued to spike up high with performances by local artists- The Backyard Bunkers, Talitha Tan, Paperplane Pursuit and Alexis G! The highlight of the night is no other than Singapore’s international band, The Sam Willows! Everyone clapped with joy as they take on stage with their outstanding performances. I love how music brings everyone together, even strangers.

If you want to be invited to the future event like this, please register yourself at Events like this are open to individuals who are 18 or above and regardless of races. Join us!


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