By this, I don’t mean to be in Vogue cover.

I would not give in to the outrageous sun. I hate to repeat that I live in an insanely warm country. I could put absolutely nothing on (if my figure allows) even an ultra thin Uniqlo crew neck shirt - and let alone the 40°C that caused havoc to the place. I fought, ambitiously. With thick sweater and leather jacket.
I bought this sweater alongside an 100% cotton long sleeve sweater for the past CNY. 2016 was begun with promising realness such as unusual rains that took place continuously for 2 CNYs. And you could imagine what event followed next. And fuck Equinox. Sweater was perfectly folded in the wardrobe - and you know - for the entire post CNY period, till I could not fit in it. Food is the culprit.

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