I always thought blonde or pearly milky white would look good on me in the past. Until I made my hands-on. I’m an Aquarius man. To be frank, I’m as predicted in most of the Aquarius guidelines, full of imaginations. Maybe this applied, I tend to believe what appears in my imaginary rather than putting something in practice first. Or ‘things should go this way’.

I said I wanted a full white hair, literally, WHITE. No warm milky, no pearly, no nothing. Intriguingly, God differentiates Asians by adding more melanin concentration I guess. There was no way for me to achieve the plain-white-as-paper color I wanted. Unless I endured the massive painfulness on my scalp. Burning.

Little did I know that the ‘white’ I wanted might be grey. I suck at color palette. The hideous black root that grows insanely fast added into account too. Thus I went for grey. Glad that it come out as I’d imagined.

Afterall, an Aquarius’ imaginary is exquisite and goes little closer to reality. Imaginary and reality? That’s a fine line.

before getting dyed to grey

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