Little things

It may be seen that repetition is taking place now – I must say – these tiny changes or remodelling trivial – on the contrary excites my sight most. Yet repetition is killing inside, long before I calmed myself down to embrace those little changes.

It was the unintended one grows more than what was sown. It was raining and fogging. Grabbed no sweater but an ‘overused’ leather jacket (you’d have remembered if you see my blog posts in 2013). And a classic Casio I’ve almost been wearing out lately. The result though not surprising yet reignites the senses I used to ‘working’ with.

These little things do help in remodelling many aspects, for instances regenerating positive thinking, sort out lost train of thoughts and extremely adverse vibes that lingered long enough in the room of motivation. Further example like I’ve been all on rage about currency – you know – making me hard to travel to other countries to shoot ‘more scenic’ places. Oh but have I discovered the beauty of homeland yet? Or I try hard not to be bothered people telling me full head of blonde hair is absolutely more on point.

It certainly does not require big penny to achieve. It’s all rely on your thinking. Remember little things. And that’s when ‘certain'(also thoughts) comes in.

Shirt – ZALORA  |  Ripped Jeans – TOPMAN  |  Purse – GIVENCHY  |  Watch – CASIO

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