hidden away

Do not be surprised seeing me lost. I spent months hidden away in my country retreat – and in fact – I am still missing. Living at the limbo between country retreat and the blog sphere I used to wandering in – that sometimes I surface myself a tad too. And here I am.

• • •

Little things

It may be seen that repetition is taking place now – I must say – these tiny changes or remodelling trivial – on the contrary excites my sight most. Yet repetition is killing inside, long before I calmed myself down to embrace those little changes.

• • •


Tinge. As the white roses have pink tinged to it. As the sky has sometimes red tinge during dusk, has sometimes violet, has sometimes orange. Things have been plain sailing. Even I was in a buoyant zone – you know – having very little sleep and excitement for the upcoming plans were all about it. As far as I’m concerned, expecting everything without a hitch sums it all up too.

• • •